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SMTP Email Debugger

Sometimes, we write a code to send an Email via SMTP but due to some possible bugs, it does not work. Now to debug this you need to run our debug script given below. This script will test SMTP by composing a test email. Fill the details and test yourself now.

This method is very userful if you do not want to download and upload the zip file manually. Simply create a installer.php file and write below code into it. Execute it by pushing the relevant URL of your domain from outside and this installer script will download and extract the main script. Now you can simply access index.php inside phpmailer folder.

Method 1 : Download,Upload and Extract the zip file given below

Method 2 : Alternative Installer Method(Shortcut)

Create a PHP file with any name and then paste the above code. Open that file from URL via web browser & you're done.