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Hire a PHP Developer

Having issues in your PHP website?

Are you having issues in your website? No need to worry, a PHP developer can help you with this situation. These developers are expertise in resolving issues by just looking at the web server or database logs once an issue arises. This method of troubleshooting PHP problems requires a high technical skill . One of the most common problems a developer encounter nowadays is that their PHP code doesn’t work when moved on a different server.

Is your website hacked/vulnerable?
If your website is vulnerable or being hacked, then the first step is to take the backup of your website in the current state, keep it safely with you and then hand over the website to the developer. They will investigate the vulnerabilities in your website and fix the loopholes by securing the PHP codes/scripts.

Why you need a developer?
You need a developer if you think that the website developed is not properly coded or is vulnerable. You need a developer if you think that your developer is not capable enough to solve the issues that are occurring in your website. It will be completely your decision to hire a PHP developer from this portal for any kind of help and assistance. Additionally we never force any client to hire a PHP developer from here. Clients are free to make up their choices/decisions.

Please note :
Important note :

The website must not contains any Phishing links, abusive contents. Please take down all those phishing webpages if there is any such abuse or phishing complaints on the website before handing over the website to the PHP developer. This will not only help in faster recovery of your website but also will help server IP away from originating malicious contents. Client can also ask the developer to only allow themselves via .htaccess during the development phase.